Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Groupie Goddess's Giveaway!! {$100 Victoria Secret Gift Card}

I hope you all had a nice long weekend! Back to work today :( boo. You guys can't feel bad for me however, cause I have been off work for the past 11 days in Florida just livin' it up {pictures will be up soon}. Now its back to reality and I can't say I am excited about it.
So me and my lovely group of Goddess Groupies thought it would be fun to get one lucky winner a jump start to summer. That means that one lucky lil lady will be lookin' so fly in whatever they choose when they win this gift card.  This is only running till Friday so make sure and enter NOW!

Ashlee // Lindsey // Erin // Stephanie
Kristine // Lauren // Melissa // Ashley // Cortne 

Thanks for entering! Good luck!

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  2. Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Following :)


  3. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! I enter so many but I really hope to win this one!

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  5. too fun. :P


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