Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skinny Jello Popcorn {Who is that fly honey??}

Hola for a dolla! So KJ is obsessed with this new recipe. 
You can make it with the kiddos or you can make it for the kiddos for Easter! Either way they will love it :). Normally Jello Popcorn calls for lots of butter - NOT this recipe! Have you heard of Coconut Oil? Well that is what I have been using these days in place of butter. Coconut oil is a good substitute for butter because they have the same consistancy. If you warm it up it melts if it is at room temperature it is more of a solid. So when baking I challenge you to try coconut oil in place of the yucky butter. It truly works! Coconut oil has "good fat"and it really good for you.  Have any of ya'lls tried coconut oil? What do you think about it?

Servings: 16
Serving Size: 1/2 cup
Calories: 68
Fat: 6.8 g
Carbs: 1.8 g
Fiber: .4 g
Protein: .25 g
Points +: 2
Old Points: 0

2 bags of Smart Kettle Popcorn
1 package sugar free jello {your favorite flavor} 2.1 grams
8 tablespoons coconut oil

Pop popcorn. Heat jello powder and coconut oil together until no powder like substance is seen. This should only take a few minutes. Pour popcorn in large bowl. Drizzle jello mixture over top of popcorn. Mix together evenly.

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Who is that fly honey??? Well hello! Its Coco In Magnolia of course!
Read on to learn lots of fun and entertaining stuff about this honey bee. {Honey bee?? Who knows where that came from but it just seemed right!}
1. Why did you start blogging? I started blogging because of my love for reading other peoples blogs. I thought, hey, I can do that too! Maybe I have something to offer. I won't know until I try! I like the entertainment aspect of blogging, reading other's personal stories, how they go about life and get things done, and the informative tips you can learn from blogging.

2.  Do you work? I am a full-time mama and wife. I love every aspect of being a mom and wife. I am one of those crazy mom's that love being around my munchkins. But, I have a teaching degree too that's sitting in the drawer.

3. What are your blogging hopes and dreams? My blogging goal is to just have fun with it! And hopefully provide some entertainment or tips for people, gain some blogging buddies along the way, and possibly make some sweet change while I'm at it.

4. Do you have any animals? I have a golden retriever named Jesse (whom teaches me about patience everyday) and a malti-poo named Shatzi (who is my cuddle buddy).

5. Who are your favorite daily read blogs? Of course Ms. Ashlee from Abpetite is at the top of that list! I have many fav's. Some would be: eat-yourself-skinny, yummymummykitchen, cotedtexas, thesunshinediary, storyofmylife, lifeoncountryside, dontquotetheraven, vignettedesign, agirlnamedgay, and livinginyellow.

6. What are your hobbies besides blogging? :) My hobby is golf. Good bonding time with the hubbs. And beer golf is the best.

7. Tell us some random facts about cha.. Random facts. hmmm...I am always reading books about life after death (currently Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander), Joel Osteen inspires me (currently reading I Declare), I've lived in two other countries China and Indonesia, I enjoy crude jokes, I think people that make fun of themselves to be endearing, and I try to make myself laugh everyday.

8. Where do you live? Why the best place on earth, TEXAS!

9. Do you have any kiddos? I have three. One bonus daughter whose 29, my knuckle-head boy whose 15, and my 'lil Peanut whose 13.

10. What are your biggest pet peeves? Gosh, let's see. People that don't pick up after themselves bug me. It sends the message that it's not worth them taking care of...I'll leave it for someone else to deal with. It's inconsiderate. As Bon Qui Qui would say, "Rude!"

She is so adorable huh? She is one of those people you just have to love. She has such a great outlook on life I love it.

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  1. This recipe sounds yummy! Which flavor is your favorite?

  2. I have coconut oil in my pantry but I planned on using it on my hair and skin. Haha! I'll have to try this recipe though. :)

  3. Mmmmm! Looks DELISH! I love coconut oil! It's good for your hair, too :) lol

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