Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Be. Happy. If you aren't.. Let's fix it!

Be. Happy.
Those words are easier said than done at times aren't they?
A while back Dylan asked me a hard question.. I was having a bad day and he was trying to "cheer" me up. He said "Why are you the ONLY women on this planet for me?" It was such a hard question because I was not happy with myself that day. I kept saying I can answer the question the other way around, why you are the ONLY man on this planet  for me .. He wasn't having that he said no tell me why "YOU" are best for ME. This was a hard question for me.. Is it hard for you? Why YOU are the one person out of the billions that is perfect for one person. Anyways, I was cheered by the next day and rambled off like a million reasons to him as to why I was the one and only for him. But, you know those days when you are just down and don't even have a real reason why? {I mean besides PMS but, you can't ever admit to that during that time of the month}.
After I evaluated myself as to why I was just not happy I realized a few things that I was doing that just had to change:
I hadn't gotten all dolled up in days I had gotten "ready" but not put effort into it like the norm.
I hadn't worked out much at all {I am a feen, I need it to keep me sane}
I had been eating poorly, and drinking too much.
I wasn't organized, my house was cluttered and I never seemed to have time to get around to it.
I was nagging husband to do things way too often
So, I noted those things to myself and took action to get my happy self back! Wanna hear this awesome news? By the next couple days I checked every little thing off my list. I got dolled up, worked out like crazy, ate good, drank less hehe, stopped nagging {it gets you no where} and organized the crap out of my house and life. ALSO to top it all off I just started to smile way too much. Trust me it works! I dare you to try it! Smile until it hurts and you will trick yourself into being happy.

Moral of my story is everyone gets unhappy. I find myself to be a VERY happy person. The husband always tells me that one of his favorite qualities about me is how I only have one emotion and that is happy. {So trust me he has a hard time coping with it when I am not cause it is rare}.
This was super helpful cause now I know just what to do when I am down again.. Yes again because that wasn't my first time, and it most defiantly won't be my last but, at the very least I know how to cheer back up in no time.
1. Make a list of your emotions and what you have been up to lately.
2. Figure out how you are going to change them.
3. Smile.
4. Remind yourself of wonderful things you are blessed with in life.
5. If you are PMSing just admit it damn it! Haha
After doing these things you will most defiantly be looking just like the picture below! A little kid on Christmas!
What do you do when you are sad to cheer you up?
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  1. I think I'm on the right path! :)

  2. I've been feeling down and super stressed lately... Perhaps a list is needed! Thanks! :) glad you're feeling better xoxo

  3. I can so relate to this! I need to get on to making that list too! :) Feel Better.

    Chk out my new blog post:


  4. I completely agree about how being a bum brings down your mood. If I have worn sweatpants all day and not gotten outside to exercise I feel way worse than when I go for a run and take a hot shower. I swear I think that's why I am sooo much happier in the summer when the weather is nice!

  5. this is so sweet! It's wonderful what our soulmates do to us and for us. His one little question sent you off on a path to fixing up the loose ends around you! Love your list, I have to agree. As a mom, a worker, a wife, a friend, etc. it's easy to just keep rolling and then one day wonder why you're not feeling all happy go lucky. Your list is in my back pocket for the next time I get to feeling this way!

  6. This is such a great reminder! I needed this today (or yesterday LOL) :)

  7. Great post Ashlee! I find myself feeling this way sometimes and these are some great things to remember. I definitely feel better when I spend some time on myself and exercising is a must.

  8. This is a great post. I think we all feel like that once in a while. When I am having a bad day I love going to a quiet coffee shop and having a latte, sitting in a comfy chair and reading a book for hours on end. Also nothing beats being cuddled up in bed with the beau watching movies all day long.

  9. This is no coinsedense I read this today. I have been in a funk, and for many of your reasons too. I'm not getting gussied up, I have a pulled muscle so that's my excuse to slack in my workouts, eating after 7, ugh...blah...yuck...Not today. Gonna hit the gym, not going to eat past 5, and going shopping tomorrow. Gonna get my gumption back too.

  10. Loved the post!! I hate days like this.. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. We overthink everything.
    Loves, Jo

  11. We all have days we feel like this. I know I do. Sometimes it lasts longer than a day. I feel like I've been in a bit of a funk. It does help me to get out of my lazy clothes for the day and go outside.


  12. I can totally relate...I feel especially miserable when I am not eating right!!! Thanks for the reminder!!! XO

  13. love your pictures, girl!

  14. first off you two are cuter than cute, and this post is SO true!

    with all the stress of planning this wedding I was overwhelmed, and not a very happy or nice person.
    Once you fix and realize the things that bug you, and stress you out. Life seems SO much easier!

    Great post love!

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