Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween friends, time for trick or treating! Who did you dress up as for your Halloween parties? Aren't you glad that we have been watching our weight all year so we can fit in those scandals costumes? Ha I know you NEVER feel ready or that you watched your weight well enough for this time of year huh? I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe - picture update below. While KJ went with a good ol' ware wolf costume! He looks scary huh?? Well here is the break down of all the festivities we have been up to and what recipes I made for them..

We make brownie graveyards every year for dessert. They are basically just brownies (I did the awesome diet coke and low fat brownie mix trick) and assorted candy for the kiddos to create a spooky graveyard they LOVED it! For the main course we made Witch Pizzas.. they were suppose to be witches anyways haha they were fun. I used the dough recipe here - just made them individual pizza size, then they could use whatever toppings they wanted. These toppings were the ones that looked the most "witchy".

The besties throw a Halloween party every year at their house. It is always tons of fun and while there is always plenty of drank there is also always plenty of food! This year I shared this Pumpkin Dip I found via Pinterest! It only has 3 ingredients but of course I skinnied it on up. I did low fat cool whip, pumpkin, and sugar free vanilla pudding. It was delish!

For my mommas annual Halloween party I made an Ale & Cheddar Soup Recipe I also found via Pinterest. It has jalapenos, bacon, cheese, and beer all combined into a delicious soup. Ya didn't skinny this one up. Except for instead of half and half I used fat free milk which I found still tasted fantastic, also I added potatoes to the recipe to give it more substance. Didn't our pumpkins turn out cute? KJ's pumpkin was the one that says trick or treat.

Does it get any cuter than this lil lady right here? I don't think so! For my grandmas annual Halloween party I made the Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownies I posted this week. I served them with pumpkin ice cream and sugar free fudge. Everyone enjoyed them! Before the brownies we went on a Haunted Tour of Salt Lake City it was a spooky adventure.

What have you been up to this Halloween season?
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  1. wow lots of Halloween fun to be had love the brownie graveyard that was very cute. hope you and the family have a Happy Halloween

  2. Happy Halloween! Great pictures!!


  3. Sounds like tons of fun! And good food! I was the statue of Liberty and my husband was Uncle Sam.


  4. Love the witches pizza idea. Tihis will be on my menu next Halloween!

  5. You guys really do it right for Halloween! That looks like a lot of fun! I went as a 50's diner waitress this year. ;-)

  6. What a fun party!! I need to hear more about this brownie diet coke trick. Grandma might have been my fav :)

  7. Great post!! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more :)


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