Thursday, September 20, 2012

Recipe's To Make Before It's TOO Late

As many of you have experieced pregnancy (yay). And when that bump comes on (even before) you shouldn't eat and drink certain things BUMMER! But, it's worth it right?? Well here is a list of recipes (oldies but goodies) that I am going to be making NOW before I do get prego. I am gonna live-it-up!

So this list means NO Lemon Cake Shooters alcohol is not permited! (What am I thinking??)

NO! Rum Coffee Punch no alcohol or coffee (cafine is not welcome). (What no coffee how will I live??)

Same with these beautiful Coconut Coffee Popsicles they are a no!! No caffine allowed!

Blueberry Vodka Mojitos none of these bad boys not even one!

No more Ahi Tuna Sushi or any sushi for that matter :(. So you KNOW where I will be spending lots of my time right??

Yep at my favorite Sushi Bar from now until the positve test results come. See ya there! Cocktails are on me!


  1. that's exactly why I do not want to get pregnant yet. Too many good things to eat and drink.

  2. Ooh how exciting!! But things you will be able to have (and are encouraged to have) is a massive list too!! Got my fingers crossed for you =] Enjoy your boozey, coffee fish night! xx

  3. Hi Ashlee, Alcohol is a no no during pregnancy. But I still drink 2 cups of coffee daily when having bun in the oven and both my children are perfectly ok and very fair too. And I got no labor pain, water bag burst my daughter came out half an hour later. My son was a little longer half a day but no labor pain too. Guess I'm very blessed I did not have to go thru hours and hours of pain. But I do lots of walking thru out the nice months.

    All your picture look excellent. Have a nice weekend.

  4. The blueberry look amazing - definitely going to pin that one! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-) mojitos

  5. So excited for you. No coffee was the biggest killer for me when I was pregnant. I totally ate tons of sushi when I was preggy, but only veggie and cooked items. You don't have to give up sushi..only the raw fish :) I'm thinking of ya!


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